Frequently Asked Questions about LunchBox

burger So what exactly does LunchBox do?

LunchBox is all about making it easier for groups at work to organize their lunch orders. Watch the Video

fries Who built it and why?

The hungry folks at Fresh Tilled Soil, a Boston UI Design company, and their brother company Super Web-O-Matic order lunch literally every day. Our previous way of doing it relied on slapping a Post-It note onto the menu of choice and having people pass it around the office, scrawling down what they wanted in tiny, illegible handwriting. We started joking about how we ought to build a web app that made this process easier. A few days later, we had the first version of the UI for LunchBox done and we began developing it in-house as time permitted. After using it once, we realized we could never go back to pen and paper.

pizza How do you set up a LunchBox Account?

Once the first person from your group signs up for a free account, they have to invite their Co-Workers by clicking the Co-Workers tab once logged in. After adding a few Co-Workers, you'll want to add a few restaurants that you commonly order from. Then, someone from the group starts an order, everyone is notified about it via email and can enter what they want for lunch. The person ordering sees the completed order page and wonders how they ever made due using post-it notes and trying to decipher their colleagues' handwriting.

soda Can I order from restaurants online?

At this point, no. Adding restaurants to your account only accounts for the name, URL of their menu, phone number and whether or not they deliver. Once your group posts what they want to eat for lunch, the ordering process is up to you.

hot dog Can I pay the person ordering through LunchBox?

Not yet. But we do have a Feedback tab that you can visit once you're logged in. You're more than welcome to post any feature you think would help make ordering lunch even easier. If enough folks suggest a similar feature, then we'll go ahead and build it. Let's make lunch better together!